How to Launch Your Career in ESL Tutoring and Solve Your Most Common Problems as a New ESL Teacher​

By Rose Breuer

The ultimate textbook in starting out as an online ESL teacher, planning effective lessons, boosting student confidence and satisfaction, and teaching in a way that will have your students leaving you with rave reviews!


If you have ever wondered how to get students to talk more, how to make a good lesson plan in less time, how to build student confidence, how to be more creative in class, how to teach pronunciation and grammar or how to get started teaching ESL online, this book is for you!

This text is designed with practical and tested methods that work especially well for any new Adult ESL teacher who feels lost and in need of a little support figuring out the nuts and bolts of teaching.  

The lessons I use are designed specifically for individuals or very small groups of adult learners at the pre-intermediate level or above.  

If you've ever thought of teaching ESL online, you need this book!  Here's what's covered:

Lesson Planning

​Learn what lesson format works best online, how to know what level your student is at, and how to plan a great lesson in a short amount of time!


Select the right material for your student, learn what authentic materials are and why they're important, and how to incorporate articles and videos in your classes.

Student Confidence

Make your students feel special and more confident.  Discover why you should get them to feel good about their mistakes, and how to get them to talk more.  

Error Correction

Learn when and when NOT to correct student errors, which student errors to correct, and how to correct many of the most common errors in pronunciation and grammar.

Skill Instruction

Become more effective at teaching reading, writing, speaking, listening, vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar! 


Learn what to do if you run out of material before class is over, run out of time before covering all the material, or have a talkative student when you need to end the class!

Teacher Improvement

Increase your confidence, creativity, and professionalism.  Learn how to teach grammar, what to do if you're having a bad day, and how to overcome failures quickly.

Running Your ESL Business

Learn where to find students, how much to charge, how to get paid, how to handle scheduling, what internet speeds you need, the logistics of teaching while traveling, and much more!


"This book is the result of my experience as a new ESL teacher searching for practical solutions to everyday struggles in and out of the classroom. It is my hope that my experience will save you a lot of time and frustration by providing you with practical solutions and answers to the most common difficulties encountered in teaching the Adult ESL student."


By applying the principles and techniques in this book, within a few days you can learn what took me years of trial and error to master!  Do yourself a favor and save your time for more rewarding pursuits.  What are you waiting for?